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Association of Filmmakers in B&H

Brief history

The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional association which gathers filmmakers, who are professionally engaged in filmmaking. It was founded in 1950 under the name Union of Filmmakers BiH. At the time it had a membership of 20, while the most prominent members were its founders: Žika Ristić, Mišo Finci, Pjer Majhrovski, Eduard Bogdanić, Kaća Rundo, Slobodan Jovičić, Tomo Janić and Đokica Jolić. The first President of the Association was Sida Marjanović, and the first General Secretary was Pjer Majhrovski.
At the initiative of the Association of Filmmakers of BiH, a special company was established, designed for documentary production only: Studio Film. Short film production company Sutjeska Film was founded, also at the initiative of Association. From 1960 to 1972, the Association played an active role in the life of culture of the country, fighting for the promotion of film among the widest audience. In addition to their professional engagements in filmmaking, many members of the Association were also film critics and writers. In 1967, at the initiative of the Association, a new company was founded designed to produce feature film primarily. The Association has been led by: Toma Janić, Vlado Branković, Slobodan Jovičić, Milan Kosovac, Edo Bogdanić, Suad Mrkonjić, Midhat Mutapčić, Žika Ristić, Dragan Resner, Nenad Dizdarević, Miljenko Uherka, Nedžad Begović, Benjamin Filipović, Milenko Prstojević, Faruk Lončarević and Amra Bakšić Čamo. Current president of the Association is director and screenwriter Ines Tanović.
The Association is today actively involved in developing and guiding the BiH film industry. In the past 14 years, our members have won the world’s most prestigious film awards: Oscar, American Film Academy Award for Danis Tanović’s NO MAN’S LAND, European Film Academy Award for short 10 MINUTES by Ahmed Imamović, Tiger Award at Rotterdam Film Festival for Srđan Vuletić’s SUMMER IN THE GOLDEN VALLEY, Silver Leopard at Locarno Film Festival for the film FUSE by Pjer Žalica, Golden Bear at Berlin Film Festival for GRBAVICA by Jasmila Žbanić, Grand prix at Critic’s Week of Cannes Film Festival for Aida Begić’s SNOW, Silver Bears in Berlin for The Best Film and The Best Actor and Ecumenical Jury Award for film AN EPISODE IN THE LIFE OF AN IRON PICKER by Danis Tanović and numerous awards for short and documentary films.
In January 2004, the Association re-established its pre-war annual award "Ivica Matić" which is the only professional award for filmmakers in BiH.
From 2003, the Association organizes Festival of BiH Film showcasing all films produced in the country and thisd year the festival will celebrate it's 10th edition. Association of Filmmakers is presenting and promoting BiH cinema every year in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Warsav, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, etc., presentinf BH. FILM annual catalogue (by now published 6 editions: 2004 / 2005, 2006/2007, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 i 2012/2013)

In 2011 Assiciation issued the first Location Guide of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, Association of Filmmakers in BiH candidates one Bosnian and Herzegovinian film for American Film Academy Award Oscar.

The present membership of the Association is 107.